Bridge To Hope Ministries

Helping everyone move one step closer to Christ!
Bridge To Hope Ministries
Helping everyone move one step closer to Christ!

Bridge To Hope Ministries
Helping everyone move one step closer to Christ!
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Bridge to Hope Ministries

https://www.alumifenas.com.br/17-cat/dating_3.html Bridge to Hope Ministries is a Christian Ministry that helps churches and Christian leaders create and maintain healthy biblical churches that will serve as a bridge to hope in their communities by offering the hope that only can be found through Jesus!

About us

codashop domino qiu qiu island At Bridge to Hope Ministries we strive to help everyone see who they are and can be in Christ. As a ministry we help have the vision that every person will move one step closer to Christ. This is broken down into four groups. The first step is salvation. The second step is sanctification. The third step is a leader. The forth step is a mentor. Jesus called all of us to go into the world and to make disciples. This starts with a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus.

God created us in His image and likeness, and He wants to return us to that state. Sin separated us from that image; however, Christ came to restore us back to that image. Once one receives Christ, the body of Christ is not done. We need to mentor and bring them us to a point where they will be in the world but not of the world. This is the area of sanctification. This is when the believer lays down his or her life and picks up the cross to follow Jesus. This is when one makes a commitment to do what God has called them to do. In the church we have many stuck between stage one and stage two.

Once a believer is at the point of sanctification the next stage is leadership. We believe that all Christians are called to be a form of a leader. This does not mean all are called to be a pastor or a church leader, but all are called to lead by example and to teach through words and actions. Once a believer moves to the point of sanctification, their words and conduct should be that where the whole world will see and know that they are a follower of Christ. They will naturally start leading others to a personal relationship with God through Christ and they will be a leader.

Once they are a leader the next stage is a mentor. This stage is where the individual will take others and invest completely in them to bring them up. At bridge to Hope Ministries we believe that every believer should mentor another to the point to “replace” themselves. We should not be so protective of our positions that we are afraid of another rising. We need to have the attitude of Christ where He said greater things will you do in My name. We should strive to mentor others to the point that they succeed, and the Bod of Christ grows. Every pastor should mentor another that has a call on their life. Every deacon should mentor one that can be the next deacon. Every Sunday School teacher or small group leader should mentor the next teacher. This is how the torch is carried and passed.

We have been tasked with building the Church. We have been given the Rock, the Chief Cornerstone but we were told to build the church on the Rock. As a church we need to get back to this. God has chosen to build the Church through us. He has given the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of men and women. No one comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ unless the Spirit draws him or her.

At Bridge to Hope we believe that we must work together to build the Church. We all have different gifts and we need to utilize them. We want to be an encouragement for the Body of Christ and help churches and individuals to recognize their potential in Christ and to get back to the purpose of the Church. To help each person grow one step closer to Christ!

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Miramichi gay matchmaking near pikesville md What we believe. Bridge to Hope is a para-church ministry with the calling and gifting to help the Church become all that God called it to be.



http://lilianaruiz.com/15-cat/casino_21.html The help the Church learn and to practice the concept of helping everyone move one step closer to Christ!

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us for any reason.

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